Fanciful Fedoras

The fedora is by far my favorite hat style of all time. It got its name from the 1882 play by Victorien Sardou titled “Fedora,” in which the play’s heroine, Princess Fedora, dawned a hat similar to today’s fashion.

Gaining popularity as a middle-class male fashion in the 1920s, the fedora has moved from the top accessory to the gangster’s pinstripe three-piece suit, to the 21st century’s casual cool west-coast vibe. With its androgynous feel and shape, it can dress down a flirty and flowy maxi-dress while punching up the hipster chic to a classic pair of denim jeans and white tee.

Although the fedora started as a felt hat with the crown crease, my favorite use is the straw fedora. The lightweight texture makes it the perfect hat for spring and summer. I recommend sticking to a beige base with either a black or brown band in order to avoid attracting anymore humidity, sweat and heat to your tresses.

For the winter months, go dark. A sleek black or gray fedora will give a beatnik look to slim fitting cardigans and snug sweater dresses.

Avoid the white, unless you want to resemble Michael Jackson. Add one glitter glove and you’re all set to be Billy Jean.

Although I pair my fedora with pretty much everything I wear, especially when fixing my hair seems too time consuming, check out some of the photos below for adding this top piece into your wardrobe look.