Restaurant Rave: The Original New Orleans Po-Boy and Gumbo Shop

If you have never been to New Orleans and are a spicy food or Tabasco enthusiast, then you must take a trip. PRONTO. Cajun cuisine is by far one of my most favorite. It’s the spice and the soul that really make the meal. Not to mention okra, crawfish and Andouille sausage come out pretty high on my list.

Now, since I am from DFW/Austin, finding a place that serves really good AUTHENTIC  gumbo or a red beans and rice with that perfect amount of Cajun spice, is especially hard to come by. When I want gumbo, it is loaded with chicken, shrimp, Andouille, okra, celery, white rice etc. And you better believe that both better be dark.  With crawfish etouffee, it is poured over rice with VISIBLE SPICE- almost to where it is a tad grainy. Red beans and rice better have the dark spiced broth- almost as thick as a cream, as well.

But no worries, a SoCo local trailer park eatery has met my requirements with FLYING colors.

The Original New Orleans and PoBoy Shop is run by Big Chief Darold Gordon of the Young Navaho Mardi Gras Indian Tribe. Gordon had evacuated to Austin after hurricane Katrina only to recognize the lack of good, soulful and spicy Cajun cookin’. Thank goodness he brought his pots and pans with him.

The prices are low, the food is made to order and they cater- including the downtown ATX events Louisiana Swamp Thing and the annual Crawfish Festival. My only complaint- they are closed Mondays—which when something is closed, it seems that’s when you want it the most! (Sunday Chick-fil-A anyone?) But bonus, he will be opening a building once he finds the perfect space, and you know I will be stationed there.


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