Restaurant Rave: hopdoddy burger bar

It is not for hot dogs anymore.

Now, let me preface this- Hopdoddy does not serve hot dogs. However, even having been there multiple times, my use of alliteration and word remembrance tools has decided to take control so even when I explain the ingredients of the last burger I enjoyed to someone I am attempting to wrangle into going with me, the meat always ends up being of the “dog” variety.

No hot dogs here. Hopdoddy actually refers to beer “hops” and “doddy” is the nickname given to the native cow in Aberdeen, Scotland.

However, they do have the most outstanding burgers that for most, the name will not have any effect on twisting your memory to different meat. Apparently I am unbreakable thus far.

Hopdoddy is located on South Congress Ave. right before Gueros to the right and the trailer park eatery to the south left. What is nice about Hopdoddy’s location is that they have PARKING. And a PARKING GARAGE. For my fellow Austinites, you understand the godsend of this message.

The inside is a contemporary open eatery feel with tables being sectioned off for parties by menu holders while a bar takes over the majority of the left half of the room—which is an excellent choice as you have to walk/wait past before giving your order. Drinks while you wait anyone?

As you wait to place your order, they reserve a table for you. Depending where you are in line, they tell you your estimated wait time.  As much as standing in line can be obnoxious, there system moves so smoothly that most forget they are even waiting until they sit down at the table to wait for the food. Again- drinks anyone?

Their burgers range from the classic hamburger to the Ahi Tuna. The menu dives into the perfect mix of standard hamburger etiquette with new twits. My favorite thus far has been the magic shroom.With field mushrooms, goat cheese and a basil pesto- you can’t go wrong. I also recommend the greek and the goodnight. But honestly, any burger you choose will leave you satisfied and glad you didn’t have a hot dog.


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