Restaurant Rave- Trudy’s Texas Star

Being a native Texan and Spanish speaker, a love for Mexican food comes second nature. During my first year attending UT Austin, I kept overhearing of Trudy’s Texas Star, a Tex Mex restaurant located a mere two blocks from my dorm second semester. Of course, upon taking my first taste alongside my sorority sisters, I was hooked.

Now, where I feel Trudy’s stands out among the rest of the run-of-the-mill Tex-Mex restaurants is while you normally may need to down several drinks prior to eating in order to increase the foods “value” (basically get sloshed in order to make the food mediocre), Trudy’s food can stand on its own.

The menu is extensive, ranging from brunch/breakfast items which they serve Friday-Sunday to Tex-Mex and even American-style and Southern-Comfort food for those not desiring a cultural cuisine. Plus with a happy hour M-F from 2-7 ranging in cocktails and beer, you can bet that Trudy’s Texas Star stays packed with the local college crowd.

Here are my recommendations:

Drink: Mexican Martini

This may look like a fancy-schmansy martini cocktail, but it packs a bunch. Taking the classic martini recipe and mixing it up with tequila versus vodka/vermouth, the Mexican Martini is the perfect blend of class and southern spark. The martini is paired with olives and comes alongside a full shaker, giving you approximately four glasses to devour. Be advised- there is a two-martini limit and if you start with one, you cannot switch over to another drink/beer afterward. Believe me, two is plenty, make sure you have a cab or designated driver ready, these will sneak up on you.

Appetizer: Zingo Nachos 

Having first started out as an item on the specials board, Zingo Nachos received such praise, that Trudy’s gave them a permanent placement on their appetizers list. With about 12 LARGE nacho chips covered with Monterey Jack and cotija cheeses, zesty black beans, marinated garlic shrimp, guac and fresh limes, there’s plenty to share, or take home for later.

Entree: Stuffed Avocado 

This is what Trudy’s is known for, the famous stuffed avocado. How it is created, it still a mystery to me, but an avocado is stuffed with spiced chicken and cheese, breaded and fried and then smothered with your choice of sauce, (I enjoy their spicy sour cream Suiza sauce– chosen by most) and topped with a slice of fresh avocado. With Spanish rice and your choice of beans, the cool consistency of the avocado pairs well with the heat of the spiced chicken and Suiza sauce. Make sure you keep your appetite ready for this perfect ending.


With three locations in Austin, Central, North and South, the atmosphere follows the mantra of “Keep Austin Weird,” while the food leaves you wishing they would come to a town near you.


Please visit for contact information, menu and locations.
Photos courtesy of Trudy’s Texas Star.


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