Movie Minute- Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo focuses on the journey of a small town Texas girl, Selena Gomez, who, just graduating from high school, plans a trip to France with a friend, Katie Cassidy, in hopes of finding her true self and a bigger life. Her trip hits its first snag when her mother, who recently remarried, has her older step-sister, Leighton Meester, tag along as well. Once arriving in Paris, the trip keeps proving  a disaster as the tour group is wretched and they eventually get left behind. It is then that, stumbling into a fancy hotel room, that her sister and friend see the resemblance and the game begins.

The story line is extremely similar to the Lizzie McGuire movie, a previous Disney teen queen hit, with Grace, Gomez,  pretending to be a wealthy socialite while the real Cordelia Winthrop Scott is gallivanting around the country. However, they put a bit more effort into it, giving each girl their own growth within the film. Katie Cassidy, Emma, realizes her small-town life is all she needs as long as she has the love of her life, Cory Montieth, by her side. Leighton Meester, Meg, learns to let go of her mother’s death and live her life with more spontaneity. Grace finds a true calling and passion for where her life can take her.

Of course, with any teen romantic comedy, the love interests are there, PDA-light style, with more dancing than anything. And of course, they always get caught. However; as expected, they get away with it as they were just “helping the children.”

Although this flick is PG, and is in no way a realistic adventure without felony charges and people with zero recognition,  I still think the message behind it speaks volumes– about how to go for what you want, be vulnerable and find the passion that completes your own life, the way you want it to.


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