Bad Teacher Fails.

For my first official blog post I will be doing what I would like to call “Movie Minute.” Consisting of reviews of current, classic and soon-to-come movies, Movie Minute will give a quick glimpse into my true passion–  cinema.

Yes, I am the only girl who would love to have the stereotypical date of dinner and a movie. I honestly get lost in the luster and bright lights that are the movies. Whether it be blockbuster, foreign, or indie flicks you will most likely find in me a theatre, at a Redbox or browsing the web for the latest movie trailers–  speaking of movie trailers are my favorite part of going to the movies, almost more than the movie itself. I get giddy with anticipation knowing what awaits to entertain me in the following months.

For this particular Movie Minute I will be reviewing Cameron Diaz’s new flick “Bad Teacher.”

The premise is simple and ironic- Cameron Diaz plays a gold-digging teacher with no skill or desire to be an educator. The real irony however is that her love interest is former 3 year fling Justin Timberlake. The majority of the movie slowly drudges on, with Diaz sleeping, drinking and smoking pot while showing her students movies every class day. It is only until Timberlake takes a shying towards a more engaged teacher, Lucy Punch, for not only her motivation for kids, but her “big heart/s” as well, that Diaz cracks down and strives to win the test score bonus and Timberlake’s heart. Timberlake falls a little flat, going for the easy laughs. My real disappointment though is the lack of Jason Siegel. Siegel plays a gym teacher vying for the attention and affections of Diaz. Not only is his 30 lb. weight loss noticeable, ow ow Jason, but his comedic timing and ability to carry the slower scenes through his expressions make him the real star. Phyllis Smith from “The Office” also plays a minor role, as an eager to please counterpart to Diaz. Smith’s character’s personality is a little too overkill.  Finally, the ending is completely predictable, especially with multiple hints thrown throughout the movie- no need to pay attention or take notes, you will pass through with or without your eyes open.


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